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Man Killed And Two Others Injured By Semi-truck

September 28, 2011

A man was killed last Wednesday night outside Indianapolis, Indiana, when he stopped to help another motorist change a tire and was hit by a semi-truck. According to Channel 10 News, the accident happened in the southbound lanes of I-465, just before midnight.

Authorities say two motorists in a silver Pontiac had stopped on the shoulder of the road to change a tire. Moments later, a pickup truck pulled up behind them. The four discussed the problem with the Pontiac and the men in the pickup offered help. As the group walked south toward the Pontiac, an approaching semi swerved onto the shoulder of the road and hit the passenger of the pickup. The man died instantly.

Flying debris from the crash hit the passenger of the Pontiac and the driver of the pickup, leaving both men in critical condition at area hospitals. The drivers of the Pontiac and semi-truck were the only two uninjured in the crash.

Investigators say the semi-truck driver had not recorded his hours of driving in his logbook, as required by law, and the vehicle also had a malfunction with its airbrakes. No charges have been filed in the case yet.

The Indiana Truck Accident Attorneys with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin would like to remind drivers of Indiana’s move over law, which states vehicles should move to the left lanes when vehicles are stopped on the side of the road. It is the courteous and safe thing to do.

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Loophole In Law Puts Intoxicated Drivers Back On The Road

September 21, 2011
People tend to think that once an impaired driver is caught, the law keeps them off the road for good. In Indiana though, a loophole in state law is allowing these impaired drivers back on the road; putting themselves and others in danger.
Eyewitness News 13 told the story of a Fulton County man whose license was suspended when he crashed his moped into a utility pole. He wore no helmet and was highly intoxicated from prescription drugs when he crashed. He also had no insurance on the vehicle.
Indiana state law permits drivers who have lost their driving privileges to drive a scooter. Scooters are not required to carry insurance, and drivers do not have to hold a license in order to operate the vehicle. Not to mention, helmet laws do not apply to anything under 50cc’s.
18 deaths this year alone have been attributed to accidents on scooters; up ten from last year’s total. Evansville Police told local lawmakers they have a total of 49 property damage reports involving scooters, of which, none carried insurance, ten were habitual traffic violators, and eight had currently suspended licenses.
State law makers have now introduced a bill which will require riders on equipment less than 50 cc’s to carry insurance and a title.
The Indiana Personal Injury Lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin encourage you to contact them if you have been injured in an accident which involved a scooter.

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Sugarland Named As Defendant Following Indiana Stage Collapse

September 14, 2011

For the first time since the tragic stage collapse at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, the band that was set to play that night, Sugarland, has been named as a defendant on notices to several entities being accused of responsibility for the accident.  According to Channel 13 News, the August 13 stage collapse caused by gusts of high wind, killed seven people and injured 40 others.

Two families who suffered losses at the concert filed notices earlier this week against at least 15 companies, organizations, and individuals, including Sugarland, claiming their actions were the cause for the accident and deaths. The band’s name has been brought into the lawsuits because state contracts with the band stated the Fair Commission and Sugarland would “mutually determine” if a performance was impossible.

Several private firms are conducting investigations into the causes of the stage collapse, ranging from improper permitting to the structural integrity of the stage itself.

Many fans of Sugarland are questioning the validity of naming the band as a liable party for the accident. If they were contractually obligated to be part of the final decision to go onstage, are they responsible for the accident itself?

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault and have questions like these, the Indiana Personal Injury Attorneys with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin may be able to help you get the answers you need. Their experienced attorneys are available anytime to answer your questions.

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Indiana Garbage Truck Hits And Kills 17-Year-Old Worker

September 7, 2011

A 17-year-old boy died Monday afternoon after falling from a moving garbage truck. Channel 10 News reports the truck was operated as part of a business owned and run by members of the boy’s family.

The young man was riding on the front of the truck on a county road on the outskirts of Parker City, Indiana, as the crew the boy was a member of worked to pick up trash along the road.

Delaware County Deputy Coroner, Jim Clevenger, said he believes the truck hit a pothole in the road, sending the boy flying off the front of the truck and landing on the road directly in the vehicle’s path. The driver did not have time to stop and ran the young man over. Another worker, who was also riding on the front of the truck, was also thrown from the vehicle when it hit the bump, and suffered a broken leg in his fall. He was taken to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie for treatment.

Accidents on the job can happen when you least expect it and can cost you time and money between doctor’s bills and absence from work. That is why the Indiana Truck Accident Attorneys with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin say to let them work for you. They may be able to handle the difficult process of settling your case, so you can get on with your life. Contact them today by filling out a free online consultation form.

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